Miami Science Museum

Client: Miami Science Museum

Location: Miami Florida


In November 2004, with the passage of the General Obligation Bond, Miami-Dade County approved $175 million to create a new Miami Science Museum. The City of Miami also passed a resolution to provide 4 acres of downtown’s Bicentennial Park for the Museum and issued $3.5 million to support the new Museum’s site development.
The 200,000 square foot Science Museum, which is being designed to LEED Silver standards and is scheduled to open in 2015, will include an aquarium spanning three floors, with mangroves and seagrass at the top, a tropical coral reef in the middle, a rooftop observatory, and a 300-seat planetarium and a wildlife center. ADA was selected to provide civil engineering services for the Science Museum.
ADA will be providing the lay-out for the preliminary site infrastructure including the storm water management system; water distribution system; wastewater collection system; and identifying potential utility conflicts and providing recommendations to resolving or mitigating these conflicts.  As part of the design development services which include the site layout, engineering analysis and design and preliminary specifications, ADA is also preparing permit application packages for the project, including a conceptual drainage permit and master plan that includes the Science and Art Museums as well as Museum Drive.