Consultants for Engineering and Architectural Services

Client: City of Doral

Location: City of Doral


A.D.A. Engineering, Inc. was contracted by the City of Doral to perform miscellaneous planning, design and construction management projects on a work order basis. The scope of work includes roadways, drainage, structural, bridge, electrical, mechanical, traffic engineering, civil/site planning, water and sewer, environmental assessments and engineering, land use and zoning, architectural design and space planning, construction management, and project management.  Under this contract, ADA has worked on and is currently working on the projects listed below.
Canal Bank Stabilization Assessment Report – Created a report documenting existing conditions of the canal banks which identified potential needs for stabilization, recommended conceptual methods for stabilizing the canal slopes in areas that required remedial action; summarized planning-level costs for stabilizing the canal slopes, and identified the permit agencies having jurisdiction over proposed improvements and their pertinent regulatory criteria.  ADA developed a 10-year Canal Capital Improvement Plan (CCIP).
Canal Embankment Restoration Project – Fiscal Year 1 Design – The scope of work entailed the development of contract documents, specifications and construction cost estimates for the canals that exhibited high levels of erosion under Fiscal Year 1 of the City of Doral’s CCIP. ADA also assisted the City in obtaining all required permits for construction.